A lot of interesting responses. I appreciate that so many of you took some time out of your day to contribute your thoughts. If you hadn’t noticed by now, I am not fond of labels. In fact, I think the idea of labeling oneself with one particular dietary choice contributes to a lot of useless antagonism and fighting amongst those who could be allies. I see the commonalities between vegans and small-scale regenerative farms that raise animals and I wonder — is it basically our ties with our labels that causes us to fight? We both want good welfare and respect for animals. The biggest difference of course being that the farmers choose to end the life of an animal and create sustenance for others, while I believe vegans desire all animals to live forever. Sorry, my friends, but that won’t happen. In fact all of the animals raised by farmers and ranchers wouldn’t even exist without the food demand from consumers. And so, as always, it is up to farmers and rancher to shrug off all the vehement language from urban idealists and go about taking care of their animals as they have always done and will always do.

I love that we’re all talking about this issue. Let’s keep going, and remember that we too are animals and deserve respect.


Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health www.andrewrfrench.com

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