I want all the animals to live forever.

That doesn’t change the reality that every single animal that ever was or ever will be must die.

I open up the blue door of my house and hear the Sandhill crane’s bugling calls ring out across the neighbor’s empty cornfield and know that life continues, regardless of what I want, regardless of what I think I know.

The cranes are what matters, and as they hunt for morsels of corn and invertebrate life in that barren landscape I share their joy at being alive, regardless of what I think I need.

I am reminded of the words of the wise ecologist Aldo Leopold, who lived in my literal neck of the woods.

Stripped to the bare essentials, this is my creed as well.

We gain and we lose, but in the end it is our breath and our heartbeat that matters. It is the way that we do the things that we do, not so much why but when.

We must do the right things, the things that preserve the integrity of our soils, our ecologies, our families, and our friends.

We must those things that stabilize our communities, our neighborhoods, our landscapes, and all that live within them.

We must enhance and celebrate the beauty in all things, always, always onwards we breath and our hearts beat and the beauty that arise within each of those moments should be the beauty that drives the green force through our veins.

My friends, we do not live forever, for we are animals, and we are not separate from our kin, from the air that we breath or the water that we drink.

Each moment of separation is the end of all that lives, of all that enhances the beauty of our world, this precious blue diamond that floats in the endless darkness all around, forever.

Each moment that we fight against that which preserves the beating heart is a like a nuclear bomb that lays waste for decades the structure and integrity of our delicately strong prairielands, forests, estuaries, jungles, marshes, and scraggly patches of fencerow filled with the hopeful limbs of the box elder trees.

No, we really don’t have any time left, we must begin now.

And to begin we must shed delusion and understand that the way that we interact with our environment is the answer and the question.

Begin by supporting all regenerative efforts: farming, clothing, shelter, water, community, transportation, art, health.

Begin now.

Words are Code - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

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