Communication is a path

Why do we worry so much?

I would amend that quote, Ralph. Worry looks forward. And Fear looks down.

We’re always looking back, forward, up, or down.

Why don’t we look around and enjoy life? Why don’t we celebrate what we have? Why don’t we feel immense gratitude toward where we are in life, for our friends and family and pets, for our jobs and homes, and even for the simplest things, like the roads we use and our mail carriers?

We’re filled with Sorrow, Worry, Fear, and Faith. But perhaps we should be focused more on the Now, where everything actually resides, where we actually live.

Finding the Now is incredibly important because it leads us to our ultimate goal. Communication is the most important job that we have. Communication is the key.

The act of Communication is how we show what is inside of us, how we express empathy, how we create love, and how we connect to one another.

There is no greater task than to Communicate. Communication is a path from one heart to another.



Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health

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