Hi Linden, thanks for the response.

First of all, there isn’t a whole lot I would disagree with you about. Essentially, when it comes right down to it, our fundamental difference is in a basic concept — do we have the right to take a non-human animal’s life? I have been vegan, I have been vegetarian, and I feel like I understand those viewpoints pretty well. There is a chance, as there always is, that my viewpoints will change in the future, but right now I believe that we do have that right, and that we exercise it daily, even when we don’t know it. “Right” is perhaps the wrong word. That is basically what being an omnivore or carnivore is, taking life to prolong our own life. When I was a vegetarian, I never thought of all the fields that needed to be plowed for my tofu or seitan or black beans. I never grasped that all those creatures that lived in those fields also had the right to live, but we choose to kill them and displace them in order to grow those things. If we assume that all animals have sentience of a sort, then all the invertebrates that we kill as we plow the fields should count as life — we kill hundreds to hundreds of thousands of those lives per acre in any field used to grow plants.

In any case, now I believe very firmly that killing one cow that has grazed on multiple acres, fertilizing them and not plowing anything or killing invertebrate soil life, killing one creature is better then thousands of creatures in order o feed myself and my family.


Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health www.andrewrfrench.com

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