Once upon a time there was a bird flying high in the sky.

The bird wasn’t using magic to soar. The bird had been training all of his life to be in that specific point in the air, at that specific time.

That bird was and had always been a bird to the core of his being. That bird never tried to or wanted to become a sloth or rhinoceros.

Humans are a bit more complex. Our brains are way too big for their britches, which accounts for the awful time human females have giving birth to our giant-noggined babies.

Unlike every other animal, we are helpless and idiotic for months at a time after birth. After we gain a bit of autonomy, i.e. crawling and sticking things into our mouths, we are immediately put on the fast-track toward success via endless educational opportunities.

Some of us learn thousands of lessons from institutions and authorities in addition to the core life-lessons from our parents and meekly or enthusiastically go along with the program. Others reject all of these lessons out of hand and become habitual criminals or hucksters. Still others don’t know what to make of it all, and tread cautiously forward, one toe at a time, wondering when the universe will send a lightning bolt down to fry them randomly.

What they don’t teach you in school and what you learn as you grow into an adult human animal is that we are all somewhat insane, including our parents and teachers and everybody else. There is just too much brain matter to play with, basically.

Instead of our bird mother and father teaching us how to fly and hunt for worms, we have institutions that teach us how to do algebra and partition the world into continents and states. And they all insist that all of these teachings are 100% unassailable and as real as the dickens.

But we all know there are cracks in the facade. Cracks that sometimes let the floodwaters come a-tumbling into our cozy little towns, drowning them in the sheer immensity of the power of the truth.

But deep down, we are all that core self that we were when we were born. We are still there, with a hell of a lot of overlaid bullshit.

And we don’t have to use magic to become that core being again, we simply have to shed all of the bullshit that everybody has draped all over us, unceremoniously and without consent.

I’m not saying anybody did this on purpose necessarily, it is just how it all works right now. Creating more cogs for the machine is in the best interest of the machine.

Digging deep down under all that shit, we find our core selves.

Once we find that core self, then we can become free-range people.

Why is that? Because when we find our selves, we realize that we never really needed anything outside of our selves to be our true selves every day.

We don’t need a million dollars to be happy.

We don’t need a new pair of shoes to be glad.

We don’t need that perfect job to be content.

I’m not saying those things wouldn’t be nice, but they are not necessary to be a 100% free-range person.

Words are Code - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi