I would like to agree with Chris Marchie.

For me, the longer I spend in Nature, the more rejuvenated I am when I come back to my work. For me, Nature is replacing any type of formal meditation.

I used to be Buddhist and meditate daily. Now, I mostly meditate at Yoga class. That type of meditation is one type of meditation. I didn’t believe that it was only one type before — I believed it was the only type.

The problem is that there is no such thing as “the only type.” The world is a vast mysterious place (which is why I love to be outside in nature as much as possible) and as human beings we can get happiness from soaking it all up. But like you say, it is difficult to be present in the now when things are going negatively.

Sometimes we just need to cope until we can come back to a state of mindfulness. I don’t believe it is possible to be there all the time, but we can attempt to do so.

Now, as I look at my days left on the planet, a complete unknown, I like to spend my meditations outside in nature with my dog.


Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health www.andrewrfrench.com

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