In writing this piece, I have opened myself up to dialogue, conversation, and what humans do best: communication. In the Internet Age, though, it seems we find only “my way or the highway” discourse and it is extremely discouraging. I would like to converse on these topics that I have pondered for decades, and I know many others are very interested in them as well. I have a hands on knowledge of what agriculture is all about, and yet mostly I find discord and, lets just say it, hatred from a certain segment who can’t separate their viewpoints from civility. Why is this? Is this because lives have less meaning in the modern age or what?

I have been a vegan and a vegetarian for most of my life, but slowly moved into animal agriculture as I was introduced to local carnivorism from an ex-girlfriend’s family who had connections with local farmers. I found a more grounded sense of place and food by eating local farmer’s pork, eggs, and turkey. I also became healthier, by a long shot.

It is ironic that the respect I talk about in my piece is so lacking in some of those who claim to care about life.


Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health

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