Let’s always be 110% present

Let’s always be 110% present.

Let’s make our lives exactly what we want them to be.

Let’s live all of our days like each one is worth it.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have.

Let’s never forget how much we love our companions.

Let’s never forgot all of those who helped us make it happen.

Let’s never take our bodies for granted.

Let’s always care of our selves so that we can be the best person we can be for every one else.

Let’s stop our monkey mind from running our lives.

Let’s be the boss of our day.

Let’s be 110% authentic.

Let’s always keep moving so that we keep growing so that we keep evolving.

Let’s be grateful every day for the first and last breathes we take.

Let’s be more alive then we were just a moment ago.

Let’s stop arguing about nothing and start creating something.

Let’s take pyramidal thinking and transform it into circular motion.

Let’s move when we move and rest when we rest.

Let’s respect the circle of life and death.

Let’s remember we are part of that circle.

Fuck excuses.

Words are Code - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

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