My initial thoughts on watching The Magic Pill

This is incredibly important information to get out there.

When I was a vegan I wanted everyone to understand the horrible conditions that factory farmed animals lived and died in. I ended up raising my own animals instead of proselytizing, in order to give them good lives.

There are many many paths to follow, and this movie highlights one of them that could potentially change your life.

A movie has the power to transport a person beyond themselves.

We’ve learned, with slickly produced and misleading documentaries like What The Health and Cowspiracy, that pretty much anybody with a camera, an internet connection, and funding from rich movie stars can make a documentary that is just absolutely full of baloney and will mislead millions of people.

I don’t care about that. Well, I do, but you have to pick your battles.

Both of those films are blatant propaganda movies designed to try to turn people into vegans. Cut and dried, no ifs, ands, or buts.

The Magic Pill also has an obvious agenda, but it is not carefully crafted to turn people into vegans. It was created to spread a simple truth, which is that a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet has tremendous potential to resolve many health issues in our bodies.

It never says “This is the only good and pure way to eat.” It just lays out some basic information about how the body works, namely that our bodies use glucose or ketones for fuel, and shows what can happen when we switch from a Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed shit and start eating whole foods that are high in good fats.

Anybody who’s ever tried a high-fat low-carb diet (HFLC) such as the Ketogenic or Primal diet knows that the clarity and feeling of calm and health that follows adoption goes far beyond anything that could occur on a vegetable only diet.

Using fat as fuel changes our outlook on life. We go from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Brain fog lifts and our bodies start to feel good for once.

No wonder the movie is titled “The Magic Pill.” It literally feels like that when you turn the food pyramid upside down and focus on satiating your hunger with full fat deliciousness.

And the fact that you can then lose weight and become healthier blows peoples minds.

We have been programmed by various institutions to think of grains as healthy, and it turns out they are only healthy in extreme moderation. In fact, many people get rid of grains and carbohydrates and feel better then they have in years or decades.

We are animals and all animals are designed to chase pleasure. These days almost every comfort food, including pizza, donuts, cake, crackers, and so on are comprised of corn or wheat, and these grains are killing us. And I’m not even going to get into the GMO issues and pesticide residues in our food supply.

All the entrenched institutes and organizations have a vested interest in keeping the Grain Train moving along at a high clip. Many people are jumping off this train and becoming healthier and happier than they have ever been.

And learning that you can do that by chasing pleasure, namely high fat delicious foods, is mind-blowing. But also true.

This is incredibly important information to get out there into the public mind.

The ketogenic diet was created to help reduce seizures in epileptic children, and it works. This is scientifically documented.

The movie highlights various folks with health issues that become resolved through adoption of the ketogenic diet, but the one scenario that fascinated me was the story of the autistic child and her family.

Although the little girl threw fits and didn’t want to eat a HFLC diet at first, finally she forgot about her Doritos and apple juice and began to eat high fat whole foods. And eat and eat she did — many of us recognize the feeling of a body starved of nutrients after setting aside junk food and carbohydrates for any amount of time. Our bodies crave highly nutritive-dense foods when we stop drowning them in a sea of glucose.

After 6 weeks the girls was showing remarkable improvements in her attitude and overall demeanor. Another autistic boy in the film was able to stop his habitual movements and voice his thoughts clearly.

To me, this movie is about fostering a sense of hope centered around eating whole foods as a lifestyle. I see many of the ills of our society and planet as being integrally tied to the same issue, and so I find the movie to be incredibly important and timely.

Check it out on Netflix now.



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