How I Use Precog Dreams To Stay Alive

In the movie Minority Report the Precogs see the future and help stop crime before it is even committed. Throughout the movie Tom Cruise does his action thing very well, but overall I was more intrigued with the idea that if we as a society could see the future we could stop tragic events before they even happened.

The Hybrids in the TV show Battlestar Galactica also play a similar role — not only do they serve as the operating system between the Cylons and control of their spaceships and technology, but they also see the future and try to steer the course of history.

Human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of fortunetelling and seeing into the future, but is there any validity to this idea at all?

A few years ago I told a friend about a dream that I had just had.

“ Last night I had this dream with you…and for some reason you had a little boy instead of a girl [she had just given birth to a baby girl]. We were up high on a dark mountain. There was some crazy bad wizard trying to throw magical pellets at us as we conjured up shards to defend ourselves. For some reason I was defending this boy, and then there was a race down the mountain… It was raining and we came to a resting spot … and I helped this boy with his shoes… Then we raced down into a valley that felt so familiar and a parade of older folks in yellow were walking in a line yelling ‘Beauty!’”

It turned out that she was pregnant again, with a baby boy.

About twelve years ago I had a dream that caused me to wake up weeping. In it, one of my best friends said goodbye to me and I watched her die. For the next few days, in real life, I tried to get a hold of my friend but I couldn’t reach her by phone. Eventually her sister called me to tell me that my friend had committed suicide.

I’ve had many of these dreams that seem to peek into the future.

I knew my grandfather was going to die the night before he passed away. He had also said goodbye to me in a dream. The next day my parents let me know he had passed away.

I honestly don’t know if these dreams are my subconscious working overtime to make sense out of some accumulated data, or some kind of latent precognitive ability that arises in me before significant events.

I don’t believe in the supernatural — I believe there is a rational explanation for everything, based on scientific natural laws.

Except that these experiences, and other similar ones I have experienced, do tend to throw me for a loop. I wonder how many other people have experiences?

“Surveys show that upwards 50% of the general population reports that they experienced at least one recent precognitive dream. A precognitive dream is defined as a dream that exhibits knowledge about the future that the dreamer could not have obtained via nay normal channels.”

Quantum mechanics may explain some perceived anomalies in our experience of the past and future. This branch of science explores quanta, the smallest scale of energy at the atomic and subatomic level. In short, physicists have found that a quanta can either be a particle or a wave form, and that particles can be in multiple places at one time, and that by measuring a particle you change it.

The so-called paradox of seeing the future before it happens could very well be explained in the future by the paradox of how energy works.

But meanwhile, I continue to have these dreams.

People assume that their is inherent value in seeing the future, but I argue that is not necessarily true unless one acts on their perceptions.

In each case that I have had a possible precognitive dream, I have half-heartedly reached out to the subject, not willing to believe that there was a real concrete basis for concern. Not only that, I hadn’t begun the serious process of journalling every day until recently, so I don’t have extremely detailed evidence or data to study. I only have fragments of writing and memory, which in my opinion doesn’t present a strong enough case at this point to rule one way or another about my dreams.

But for me personally I do believe that these dreams are a constant in my life and that they will happen again and again.

The important thing about these dreams, I would like to point out to anyone else that has them, is to act upon them with some surety. Even if they are only your subconscious talking to you through the thick layers of consciousness, they have a story to tell, a story that could allow you to find your loved one and talk to them for one last time.

If we don’t heed these calls to action, then we may miss incredible important moments.

So the only real benefit of a precognitive dream is the ability to act on the information the dream presents. Sometimes talking about it with other receptive people can help us get some sort of different perspective.

There is a stigma around talking about these types of things — but like any stigma the more we examine it the better. Why are we afraid of seeing the future? Perhaps because it calls into question what we perceive as “normal reality”.

Again, I don’t believe in the supernatural. Whatever a precognitive dream is, it is part of the natural world.

There are energies in the universe that we don’t fully understand, and the universe is a vast and infinite place. The idea that the energy of my friend who committed suicide reached out to me before ultimately succumbing to the darkness is not completely crazy, it is just a possibility.

So, the one very important lesson I have learned from my possible precognitive dreams is this: Always reach out to the ones that you love and connect as much as possible in this life. Our time together is the most precious thing that we can ever possibly experience.

“The evolutionary stratification of the Psyche is more clearly discernible in the dream than in the conscious mind. In the dream, the psyche speaks in images, and gives expression to instincts, which derive from the most primitive levels of nature. Therefore, through the assimilation of unconscious contents, the momentary life of consciousness can once more be brought into harmony with the law of nature from which it all too easily departs, and the patient can be led back to the natural law of his own being.”

-Carl Jung



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