Thanks for the thoughtful response Simon.

You have good points, but I respectfully disagree with the underlining framework that supports your reasoning — namely that death is avoidable. I have seen first hand the deaths involved in the tillage of a plot of land for row crops, and it isn’t pretty. Bunnies, voles, ground nesting birds, countless invertebrates and worms, all meet untimely and sometimes gruesome ends, and the list goes on. This is simply to prepare the ground for a small plot of cabbage or potatoes.

I wasn’t attempting in any way to argue my views point by scientific point, just to express them. I’ve written elsewhere about regenerative agriculture and how I believe animal-based permaculture-type systems are the future of farming.

I do believe that pastured animal agriculture causes less overall death and harm then conventional row crop agriculture.


Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health

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