Total bullshit hippy nonsense — right?

Over the past 12 years I realized that all that effort that I put into trying to understand the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything was all pointless.

Philosophers think they have the right to figure out the meaning of life, or whether matter is real or not, or if relationships exist outside of our minds. Whatever they think they think, it doesn’t matter. Espousing a philosophy is like describing a Lamborghini instead of driving the fucking thing. Not only that, it doesn’t matter what philosophers think this and that means, they mean whatever they mean regardless.

Writing this is ironic because most people I know would assume I am a philosopher because I can’t shut the fuck up about what I think it all means.

Here is the thing. Everything that matters comes from the heart.

And I’m not talking about the physical organ, although that also plays a role, I’m talking about whatever it is that causes us to understand that we are doing good for one another, whatever it is that causes us to care more for our partner then for ourselves, whatever the fuck it is that allows us to take another breathe so that we can keep going.

I fell in love. And my heart opened more then I realized that it even could. Shit, it became a different thing. It became warm and tender. And I knew that all this while, over analyzing every little thing, was an attempt to keep my heart cold and hard. So I didn’t have to feel this overwhelming openness that threatened to engulf my sense of self.

But it turns out that is the point of life. To step outside of yourself. To be one with the flow. And the only way to begin that real journey toward the self and follow your bliss is to open up your heart.

Heart is the only thing that makes food taste good, makes a home feel safe, makes a walk mean everything, makes a life well lived. Our brains try to make themselves the most important player, but they usually end up fumbling the ball more then not.

I found that heart equals health. Caring equals will. Love equals work.

But what does that mean on a day to day basis? I mean, we can’t just wake up and live a life full of heart every day, we have responsibilities and chores and all this boring stuff we need to do, right?

I beg to differ.

Heart can suffuse all of our lives, not just the big things. It is what people call soul, or spirit, or god, or the divine. Wee don’t have to set it aside to do our taxes. Well, maybe taxes are impossible to love, but you get the idea.

Life is a Heart Dojo. We can practice and get better every day. Would we go to a dojo or gym and be satisfied to stay at the same level every time?

No, the idea is to grow, to get better, to further our skills. And the fundamental skill we need to work on is being present in the moment.

Words are Code - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

Words are Code - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi