We all believe in the Great Pumpkin but he never visits

As I sit in my Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, I realize that he doesn’t exist.

Beauty arises out of truth.

Truth only shows up when we become open and honest with ourselves and others.

The natural world is inherently beauty, while the artifice of man can be ugly without context.

People can become more beautiful after a couple glasses of wine. When we relax and take off the mask, beauty shines through.

Puppies are so inherently beautiful that they bring out the beauty in all of us, except those closed off to all beauty.

There is truth in a crumbling building. I am dying, it says, and that is beautiful.

Sometimes, even poorly crafted things can be beautiful, as long as the intent behind them is pure.

Beauty is like the Great Pumpkin in the Charlie Brown comics. It will visit our Pumpkin Patch if it is the most sincere Pumpkin Patch in all of the land. Linus works tirelessly, like any artist or craftsman, to make his work stand out in it’s truth and beauty and sincerity.

In the end though, does it matter if the Great Pumpkin visits or not? We work tirelessly to create our sincere Pumpkin Patch, whatever that means to us, and the enjoyment of the Pumpkin Patch it is really our deepest reward.

As Linus notes, we can’t enjoy it without possessing a pure heart. If we create some content or hone our artifice to conjure up a few bucks, it is all worthless. We create an insincere Pumpkin Patch. No Great Pumpkin will visit our patch and we will be left scraping out patch after patch desperately searching for that visit from the holy that will always elude us.

It turns out the Great Pumpkin is our selves. As artists we see the holy and illuminate the mundane. There is no need for outside affirmation — all is contained within. That is both the bane and the boon of a creator — there are worlds inside that we need to express.

It turns out that in the end it is simply the creation and maintenance of the Pumpkin Patch that is the point.

How sincere is your Pumpkin Patch?



Writer — Nature | Science | Agriculture | Health www.andrewrfrench.com

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